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Alvin Dakis speaks about Importance of Diversity & Inclusion Data in Asia Conference

ADGenderPh's Alvin Dakis was invited as one of the panel of data experts on Diversity & Inclusion at the 1st ShhOUT Conference in Hong Kong.

What we learned about is that there is power in data. However, collecting them especially about one's sexuality & gender would need to be taken with delicateness and clarity for the part of the information-giver that they understand why they need to disclose these very sensitive information.

He emphasized that one of the main purposes of D&I data should be geared towards improving the organization's policies that may be blind or harmful to certain group of people, influences leaders to change processes and systems, and encourages the bigger community to shape a better and more positive and accepting culture.

The first ShhOUT Conference in Asia was organized by Hong Kong based media company, Lighthouse Independent Media Ltd.

#Diversity #Inclusion #diversityandinclusion

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